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Hornell Public Library Summer Reading Program

The Fabulous 2019 Summer Reading Program ended with a prize drawing for the Adult program and a party for the children and Young Adults.
Three adults won echo dots, which were provided by The Friends of the Library. The winners were: Stanley Banko, Elizabeth Wilsey and Johanna Curtis. A total of 229 patrons participated and read a total of 1,196 books.
Wow! 283 Children and 23 Young Adults signed up for the Summer Reading Program. There were 190 children who read a total of 337, 680 minutes with 16 teens who read 21, 690 minutes. There were 56 programs with 1,417 people in attendance. The sponsors of the programs were Carol Stewart, Dr. Stephan Greenberg, The Friends of the Hornell Public Library, Alice Taychert and a memorial gift for Betty Rahmlow. Each child who signed up for the program was given a book of their choice and an additional book if they completed their reading. Other prizes provided for completion were coupons for Minnehan’s of Lakeville, Rochester Museum & Science Center planetarium, Taco Bell and Maple City Bowl.
Prizes for individual events included tickets to Genesee Country Museum, Glenn Curtis Museum and adult tickets for the Corning Museum.
Prizes, for the participants who read the most hours, were afghans for 4 age groups. They received afghans made by Judy Manges.
The Library participated in the NY Hunger Solution.


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