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The Library is opening on Dec. 7th.

During this time, there will be no fines charged. All materials can still be returned in the book drop. All events have been cancelled. You may still check out books, movies, audiobooks from the STLS page. They will be increasing the number of items available for download.

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Programs and Services

The Library holds over 51,000 items. Books not available locally may be ordered through an extensive library network. Delivery is offered to the homebound and nursing home residents. Large print books are available. Current magazines and newspapers are in large supply, as well as videotapes, DVDs, audio book cassettes and CDs. Online Public Access Catalog and NOVEL may be accessed at home as well as in the library.


1,000 Books by Kindergarten Program

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It is never too early to start reading to your children!
If your child learns early to associate reading with pleasure, they are more likely to enjoy reading on their own when they are older.
Here are some facts you need to know:

  • The program is open to children under 5-years-old. Expectant parents welcomed.
  • The theme for the program is "Owls and Trees." The colors associated with the program are pink, red, blue, green, purple and orange.
  • Register for the program by completing the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Registration Form. Drop it off at the library or mail it to the Hornell Public Library, 64 Genesee Street, Hornell, NY 14843.

Parents will receive a tracking form that contains 100 bubbles. When 100 books are read, the parent turns in the completed tracking form and they will receive a new one.

7 Tips for reading to infants and toddlers
1. Keep it fun and enjoyable — Make reading fun and enjoyable. Stories should rarely be read in a monotone voice. Bring out the inner actor in yourself Change your voice, make sounds, and laugh.
2. Hold your child while you read — Do they have a favorite blanket or toy? If so, try incorporating it in your reading. For example, try using the blanket to create a fort. Create a comfort zone. Maybe you can be the favorite toy.
3. Interact with your child — Give your child the opportunity to read along. Ask a lot of questions. Although most books can be read in less than 5 minutes, lengthen the reading process.
4. Read books about topics that interest your child — Is your child excited about Dora the Explorer? Pepa Pig or Curious George? Read books with those characters. When your child gets older, take her to the library and let her pick out her own books.
5. Incorporate reading into your daily routine — Make reading something your child looks forward to. Make it so reading isn't boring or mundane.
6. Repitition — Read the same stories over and over again. Your child will start enjoying the repetition and become familiar with the way stories are organized.
7. Keep track of your child's successes. — Use a composition notebook or get the the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten iPhone App. Give your child praise after they listen to a certain amount of books. Soon they will be asking you to write down the books before they hear them.

You can also submit your child’s books to the following email address: — Please remember to include your child’s name. You can also submit information by phone by calling the Children’s Library at 324-1210 or mail them to the library.

TASC prep help brochures available

The New York State Education Department (NYSED), Office of High School Equivalency, announces the availability of new brochures regarding two of subtests for the Test Accessing Secondary Completion (TASC).  The five TASC subtests cover subject areas required for a high school diploma in New York State.  The new brochures help students prepare for both the Math and Writing subject area tests by providing guidelines as well as tips and strategies for the entire exam.  The New York State High School Equivalency Office is providing this document for distribution to any interested persons through public libraries in the state.

A link to the Math brochure may be found at :

The Writing brochure is available at

the Writing brochure in Spanish is available at

The link to the HSE main page which lists all three brochures may be found at .  The brochures may be found under the heading, “More Information about the TASC”.